HB-10,20,50,100,200 Cap Torque Tester

HB-10,20,50,100,200 Cap Torque Tester

SKU: HB-10~200
  • HB-10~200 Cap Torque Tester is a series of intellectualized measuring instruments. It is specially designed for testing and measuring different torques. HB series are mainly used for calibrating air screwdriver, precision screwdriver, torque wrench, torque driver, measuring in torque tests and part fracture tests.

    Our products are widely utilized in electronic industry, automobile industry, scientific researches, machinery industry, light industry, and so on.

    high accuracy and resolution;
    peak hold function;
    peak automatic clearance function;
    Tolerance limit(up and down limit);
    3 units available: N.m, kgf.cm, lbf.in;
    reset acceleration of gravity function;
    large memory;
    inductive background light;
    USB output; Match synchronous analysis software;

    Measurement mode: ------------- Track, Peak, Auto Peak
    Accuracy: ------------------------ +/-0.5%Fs
    Power(charging time): ----------- 1.5VNiHM cell x 6 or rechargeable battery (recharging 6 hours)
    Specified charger: ---------------- Input: AC220V~240V Output: DC9V400mA
    Continuous use at full charge: ---- 20 hours
    Battery life: -----------------------Recharging 300 times
    Dimensions/Weight: -------------- W x H x D 330 x 100 x 200mm 5Kg

    Measurement range at peak (N.m):
    Model N.m
    HB-10 0.0005~1
    HB-20 0.001~2
    HB-50 0.002~5
    HB-100 0.005~10
    HB-200 0.01~20