HD-1000~5000 Digital Spring Tension Testers

HD-1000~5000 Digital Spring Tension Testers

SKU: HD-1000~5000
  • HD-1000~5000 digital spring tension testers is a series of instruments specially designed for testing the relations and characteristics between deformation and compressive/tensile loading of a tension spring (stress-strain relationship).
    HD series is suitable for both tensile and compression springs.



    • Display with good viewing angle;

    • High accuracy and resolution, with minimum reading of 0.001N;

    • 3 units available: N, kg, lb;

    • Users should set the meter properly using gravitational acceleration to get a more -accurate test result;

    • Large memory, save up to 99 sets of data;

    • |Peak hold function;

    • Peak automatic clearance function;

    • Tolerance limit(upper and lower limit);

    • USB output; Match synchronous analysis software;

    • 1 year warranty and life time maintenance, local service by M&I Instrument;



    • Model: HD-10/HD-20/HD-30/HD-50/HD-100/HD-150/HD-200/HD-300/HD-500/HD-1000/HD-2000/HD-3000/HD-5000;

    • Capacity: 10N/20N/30N/50N/100N/150N/200N/300N/500N/1000N/2000N/3000N 5000N;

    • Resolution: 0.001N/0.001N/0.001N/0.001N/0.01N/0.01N/0.01N/0.01N/0.01N/0.1N/0.1N/0.1N/0.1N;

    • Scale range: 70mm/70mm/70mm/90mm/90mm/90mm

    • Scale resolution: 0.01mm/0.01mm/0.01mm/0.01mm/0.01mm

    • Pressure Plate diameter: 34mm/34mm/34mm/49mm /49mm/49mm/49mm
      /49mm/49mm/108mm 108mm/108mm/108mm;

    • Max length of spring: 100mm/100mm/100mm/150mm/150mm/150mm

    • Power supply: 220V~50HZ;

    • Power consumption: 13W;

    • Recommended measuring range: 20%~100%;

    • Operating temperature: 20C +/-10C ;

    • Storage temperature: -27C+70C;

    • Relative humidity: 15%~80% ;