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Professional Moisture Meter 6-44%

Rental Rate: $39/week

Professional Moisture Meter 6-44%

SKU: DT-123
  • Model # DT-123

    DT-123 Moisture meters are used to measure the moisture level in sawn timber (also carboard, paper) and hardened materials (plaster, concrete and mortar). They display the moisture level. The instruments have an average adjustment for European wood based on a wood temperature of 20℃.


    1.Large LCD display
    2.Readings with Moisture Probe or Hammer Electrode
    3.Readings with Integral electrode Pins


    Measuring principle: Electrical resistance
    Electrode length: 8mm
    Electrodes: Integrated, replaceable
    Measuring range:Wood:6-44%
    Display Accuracy:Wood: ±1%
    Other Material: ±0.5%(127)
    Battery:3 x Cr2032, replaceable
    Temperature measuring: 0-60C
    Ambient temperature: 0-40C
    Ambient moisture: 0-85%

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