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Calibration Services

Any meter's accuracy and precision can be negatively affected by frequent use. At Microinstruments, we know how important it is for your meters to always be error-free and produce precisely correct readings. In many cases, having uncalibrated or poorly calibrated meters greatly reduces the quality of the final product that the meter is being used to produce and/or the overall reliability that an individual can place on a meter's measurements for their work. To help combat this, Microinstruments offers professional, high-quality calibration services for a wide variety of meters.

To ensure that your meter is calibrated at the highest standards to meet your exact needs, we collaborate with many ISO 17025 certified labs that have been rigorously tested to ensure that their services are on par with the industry's best. We send your meters to their facilities, where their experienced technicians calibrate your meter to fit your expectations. With routine calibrations, you'll never have to worry about the consequences of inaccurate or imprecise readings again. 

If you would like to have your meter calibrated, please fill out the form below for a free quote: 


Instrument Calibration Services

Precision with Satisfaction


Our highly skilled technicians receive, inspects and re-checks your instruments professionally and returns them with a certificate of inspection/calibration.

Average standard service usually take 7-10 days or less. We guarantee fast service and budget friendly fees.

Instruments Serviced

Air Velocity Meters
Adhesion Testers
Chart Recorders
Coating Thickness Meters
Data Loggers
Dew Point Meters
Electrical meters


Environmental meters
Force Gauges
Gas meters
Gloss Meters
Flow meters
Hardness Testers
Height Gauges
Hi-Pot Testers
Humidity meters
Infrared Thermometers

Insulation Testers
Light Meters
Maintenance meters
Porosity/Holiday Detectors
Pressure And Vacuum Gauges
Scales & Balances

Sound Level Meters
Spark Testers
Surface Profile Testers
Tachometers & Stroboscopes
Temperature Controllers
Torque Wrenches
Ultrasonic Thickness Testers
Vibration testers
Water Analysis meters
Wet Sponge Testers

Accuracy is our Priority

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