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3ft Extension Rod


Rental Rate:$19/week

3ft Extension Rod

C$39.00 Regular Price
C$32.00Sale Price
  • 1pc (3ft), $39,

    Technical Details

    Functions as a camera cable extension, super ideal for wet and narrow environments
    Compatible with Wireless Inspection Camera models 108A, 108B, 108C and 108D
    Extends camera reaching by 3-feet
    Has the ability to extend to 9-feet with optional/ additional extensions
    Durable, waterproof and flexible construction


    Easy to install

    1. Detach the shaft that came with the Wireless Inspection Camera by unscrewing the shaft with your fingers
    2. Insert this Extension shaft between the hands held and the original shaft and hand tighten
    3. Done

    Packing List

    1 PCS extention Pipe for Snake Inspection Camera 

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