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  • Sensitive: detect up to 10⁻¹⁵ mole of ATP
  • Real-time and repaid detection: results in 10 seconds
  • Small and portable
  • Easy operation: 3.5’’ high resolution color screen, menu- driven
  • Battery: more than 8 hours continually
  • Memory: 10,000 readings
  • Open Reagents: Compatible with swabs from other manufacturers
  • Blue tooth
  • Software and cable included
  • Auto software updates
  • Self-calibration
  • Template: includes different industries and locations with suggested upper and lower limits



Food Processors

  • Cleaning control the process of production and processing

  • Evaluating the disinfection of packaging

  • Testing the microbes of finished products and material

  • Monitoring the hygiene of processing environment

Food Service

  • Cleanliness control of the kitchen, dishes, operating carton and tools

  • Evaluating disinfection of dishes

  • Disinfection control of the airline catering dishes

  • Hygiene supervision for quality control department

Health Care

  • Objects superficial inspection of the hospital major department

  • Hand cleaning check of the medical staffs

  • Medical equipment cleanliness and disinfection inspection

  • Cleanliness testing of the hospital environment

Environment protection

  • Evaluating biological pollution of the water and wastewater sample

  • Detecting the contaminating microorganisms of soil, activated sludge samples and so on.

Other Industries

  • Daily health products manufacture

  • Quality supervision department

  • Hospitality industry hygiene management

  • The port supervision

Standard delivery

  • 1 ATP Meter (main unit) TL-ATP01

  • 1 rechargeable battery

  • 1 software CD

  • 1 carry case

  • 1 operation manual

  • 1 USB cable

  • 1 charger


ATP Hygiena Monitoring Meter


Rental Rate$199/week

ATP Hygiene Monitoring Meter

  • Specifications

    Measuring range

    0-999,999 RLUs

    Detection limit

    1x 10⁻¹⁵ moles ATP

    Detection Deviation



    30 s

    Real-time detection time

    10 s per test

    Programmable Test Locations

    255 programmable test points per test group

    Storage Capacity

    10000 readings

    Communication interface

    USB, Bluetooth


    CV 8%-20%

    Correlation Coefficient


    Power Supply

    Rechargeable battery

    Running Time

    Continuous >8 hours,
    standby >600 hours

    Temperatures allowed during operation 


    Relative humidity allowed during operation 



    189x70x36 mm, 7.4x2.8x1.4 in


    300 g, 0.66 lb


    Method Comparison

    Compared with the traditional cell culture method, ATP hygiene monitoring system is the method that combines quantitative data collection with scientific measurement and still delivers quick result.

    Compared Items

    ATP Detection TL-III

    Conventional  Bacteria Culture/Plating


    All Bacteria, Fungi, Algae.

    Only the specific bacteria that grow on the culture media (Normally the LB agar culture can only detect aerobic bacteria).

    Aerobic bacteria



    Autotrophic heterotrophic bacteria






    Nitrite bacteria









    Detection Time

    10 sec

    1-5 days


    simple, less steps, only one reagents is needed

    The conditions that medium and detection needed are required, complicated operation, a variety of human factors may affect the result.


    rapid, pre-alert and traceable

    Processing lags, the result can be reserved for a long time and for further detection.

    Combined with two methods, utilize ATP detection method for contamination detection and conventional culture method to detect the species of bacteria and the contamination sources.

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