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Calculated Measuring Wheel


Rental Rate:$39/week

Calculated Measuring Wheel

SKU: 820-318
  • Calculated Digital Measuring Wheel 999,999.99m D=0.318m
    Order No. 820-318

    Fast and accurate, easy to use, measures up to 999,999.99 m or 3,280,839 feet, with accuracy of 99.9%.
    Ideal for for
     fence estimating, paving jobs, carpet estimates, insurance calculations, estimating facility sizes, grass seed and fertilizer estimation, utility contracting, and other uses when a long distances measurement is needed in a short period of time.



    • “Smart Wheel” (automatically includes wheel radius for accurate wall-to-wall measurements)

    • Control Panel Located Near Handle (so you don’t have to stoop over to read)

    • Area or Volume can be automatic computed by calculator inset

    • With Backlight for reading in dark place

    • Hold key prevent accidental measuring

    • Built in kickstand



    • Bright Orange "safety" Color

    • Manual Power ON/OFF, Auto power off after 3 minutes

    • Wheel Composition: High-impact plastic; TPE rubber tire



    • Measuring Range : 0-999,999.99 m or 3,280,839 feet

    • Measuring Accuracy : 99.9%

    • LCD display: 7 digits up to 999,999.99 m

    • Wheel size: circumference: 1m (39-3/8” ); diameter: 0.318m (12-9/16” )

    • Maximum Measuring Speed: 13 km/h

    • Units: Meters/Feet/Yards, m² /ft² /yd² /Acre ,m³ /ft³ /yd³

    • Length (extended): 1122mm; Length (contracted): 620mm

    • Net Weight: 1.8 kg

    • Power Supply : 4 AAA alkaline batteries (included)


    Standard Delivery:

    • 1 pc Measuring Wheel
    • 1 pc black canvas bag
    • 1 instruction manual
    • Packed in a white box
    • 4 AAA batteries
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