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Digital Force Gauge 50N

Digital Force Gauge 50N

SKU: P-50
  • Model: P-50

    Range: 50N

    Digital Force Gauge with Software+RS232+fixtures



    -Normal tensile and compression measurement

    -Normal and peak readings

    -Peak automatic clearance

    -3 units switchable: N,kgf,lbf

    -Large easy-to-read LCD

    -High & Low Limits

    -Set points

    -Automatic shut off

    -150% overload protection

    -Display can be inverted

    -Reset acceleration of gravity

    -2 installation sizes

    -RS232 interface with software and RS232 cable



    Model: p-50

    Capacity: 50N

    Resolution: 0.01

    Accuracy: +or- 0.5% of full scale


    Standard Delivery:

    -1 Digital Force Gauge

    -Accessories: Chisel Point, Point, Notch, Flat, Extension Rod, and Hook

    -1 Adaptor

    -1 Carry case

    -1 User Manual

    -Software with RS232 cable

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