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Mini Particle Counter

Mini Particle Counter

SKU: DT-96
  • Model # DT-96

    DT-96 Particle Counter with 2.0” color TFT LCD display provides fast, easy and accurate readings for particle counter & particle mass concentration with air temperature & relative humidity measurements. It is the first combination of these measurements in global, would be the best instrument for environment protection and energy save. 



    2.0’’ TFT 220*176 pixels Color LCD display

    The determination of suspend particle concentration in the air of the  weight method (PM2.5/PM10)

    Particle Counter PM2.5/PM10

    Air temperature and humidity

    Auto Power Off

    Real time clock display

    Bluetooth interface

    Analog bar indicator


    Size (H x W x D): 185mm x 55mm x 38mm
    Weight: 139g



    Particle Counter



    Mass Concentration




    Air Temperature Measure

    Air Temp Range

    0 to 50°C/32 to 122°F

    Basic Accuracy


    Humidity Range

    0 to 100%RH

    Basic Accuracy

    ±5%RH @0 to 20%RH and 80 to 100%RH      ±3.5%RH @20 to 80%RH


    Standard delivery:

    • Gauge body
    • Clamshell
    • 3.7V Li-battery 
    • Manual
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