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MLM330 Portable Hardness Tester with D/DL Probes


Rental Rate:$364/week

MLM330 Portable Hardness Tester with D/DL Probes

  • MLM330 is a pen style design all-in-one device with easy button-menu operation, to change material, working directions and also the hardness scale of HB, HRC, HRB, HV, HS, HL and strength ób. Its unique large screen OLED color display is the most recent technology and the 1st time application in this field. There also exists a dual-coil configuration in the unit to ensure its high accuracy and high repeatability for the test (<2%).


    The base MLM330 model is integrated with D probe as standard delivery. When DL probe is required for the job, MLM330 offers an interchangeable switch between D and DL probes - then you may use dual impact devices for different applications and/or materials with only one of MLM330 tester unit.


    An AAA sized 3.7V rechargeable battery is used, along with USB charger and cable - exactly the same as for the smartphones. This battery can be replaced through easy compartment operation.


    MLM330 unit covers all the common features of Leeb hardness tester. The package includes:


    1) MLM330 Main Unit with D Probe integrated

    2) "D" Test Block with additional HLDL value

    3) Interchangeable DL Impact Device

    4) AAA size 3.7V Reachargeable Battery

    5) USB charger with Cable

    6) Small D6a Supporting Ring and Nylon Brush

    7) Operation Manual in English

    8) Carrying Case  

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