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Multifunctional Sound Level Meter SL5868P


Rental Rate:$39/week

Multifunctional Sound Level Meter SL5868P

SKU: SL5868P
  • Multifunctional Sound Level Meter

    Order No.SL-5868P

    • Wide range: 30-130dB

    • Built-in calibration signal of 94dB

    • 4 measurement parameters Lp, Leq, Lmax and LN

    • Adjustable alarm set

    • With memory of 30 groups of measurement results and measuring conditions

    • 0-1.3V, 10mV/dB DC output and auto range selection

    • Adjustable auto power off

    • RS232C interface

    • Sturdy carry case



    • IEC651 Type 2, ANSI 1.4 and Type 2 compliant
    • Data gathered can be saved, retrieved, deleted and downloaded to computer directly
    • Data can be exported to Microsoft Excel
    • LED alarm output
    • Permits 'A', 'C', or 'Flat' weighting choices and Slow/Fast response time
    • Communicate with computer for statistics, printing and analyzing by optional cable and the software for RS232C interface



    • Parameters: Lp, Leq, Lmax, LN.
    • Measuring range: Lp : 30~130dB (A) , 35~130dB (C) , 40~130dB (F)                           Leq: 30-130dB (10s, 1m, 5m, 10m, 15m, 30m, 1h, 8h, 24h interval)                         LN.:  0-100%
    • Resolution: 0.1 dB
    • Accuracy: ±1 dB
    • Frequency weighting: A, C and F (Flat)
    • Frequency range: 20.0 to 12,500 Hz
    • Built-in calibration signals: 94dB at 1kHz (sinusoidal)
    • Memory: 30 groups max with measuring conditions and with Date and Time Stamping
    • Time weighting: FAST 125mS , SLOW: 1 sec.
    • DC output: 0~1.3V, 10mv = 1dB


    Standard Delivery

    • 1 Digital Sound Level Meter SL-5868P (Main Unit)
    • 1 Sponge ball
    • 1 Operational manual
    • 1 Sturdy carry case


    Optional Software

    • USB Cable and Software disc
      1.5m cable
      Download data to computer. It works with below meters.

    • RS232C Cable and Software disc
      1.5m cable
      Download data to computer. It works with below meters

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