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Pen size vibration meter VM-213

Pen size vibration meter VM-213

SKU: VM-213
  • Applications 

    Used for measuring periodic motion, to check the imbalance and deflecting of moving machinery. Specifically designed for present measuring various mechanical vibration. So as to provide the data for the quality control, run time and equipment upkeep.
    * Can display the parameters of Displacement, Velocity and Acceleration simultaneously.
    * In accordance with ISO 2954, used for periodic measurements, to detect out-of-balance, misalignment and other mechanical faults in rotating machines.
    * Specially designed for easy on site vibration measurement of all rotating machinery for quality control,commissioning, and predictive maintenance purposes.
    * Individual high quality ccelerometer for accurate and repeatable measurements.
    * With Max Hold function.
    * Wide frequency range (10Hz~10kHz) in acceleration mode.
    * Bearing condition monitoring function.
    * Use “USB data output” and “RS-232 data output” to connect with PC.
    * Provide “Bluetooth ™ data output” choice.
    Sensor Piezoelectric Transducer
    Measuring Parameters & Range
    Acceleration: 0.1-300.0m/s² equivalent peak 985ft/s²
    Velocity: 0.01-300.00mm/s true RMS 0.000~13.00inch/s
    Displacement: 0.001-3.000mm 0.04~120.0mil equivalent pk-pk
    Frequency Range : Acceleration: 10 Hz ~ 10k Hz
    Velocity: 10 Hz ~ 1k Hz
    Displacement: 10 Hz ~ 1k Hz
    Accuracy : ±5% + 2digits
    Metric / Imperial:Conversion
    Max. Value Hold
    Power Off:Manual Power Off or Auto Power Off
    Data Output:USB, RS-232
    Operating Conditions:Temperature: 0~50 °C Humidity: <90 %RH
    Power Supply:Lithium battery
    Dimensions:202x43x23 mm ( 8.0x1.7x0.9 inch )
    Weight:130 g (Including Batteries)

    Standard Accessories

    • Main Unit
    • Carrying Case
    • Manual Book

    Optional Accessories

    • USB, RS-232 data cable with software
    • Bluetooth data out put with software
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