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Pocket Surface Roughness Profilometer


Rental Rate:$370/week

Pocket Surface Roughness Profilometer

SKU: MI Profilo
  • Portable Digital Surface Roughness Profilometer Gage Model: MI Profilo

    with THREE CUT-OFF Lengths: 0.25mm, 0.80mm and 2.50mm

    to meet your special needs like testing O-ring Groove or Beveled edge
    (Similar Pocket Surf III has ONLY ONE cut-off of 0.8mm/0.030in)

    MI Profilo is a portable, battery-powered instrument for checking surface roughness with the measured values displayed on a digital readout. The instrument can be used in the laboratory, inspection area, in the shop, or wherever on-site surface roughness testing is required.


    Highlighted Features:

    • Feature packed, compact and economically priced

    • For a wide variety of surfaces measurments including flat, inside/outside diameters,groove bottom and many difficult to gage surfaces

    • THREE CUT-OFF Lengths: 0.25mm, 0.80mm and 2.50mm

    • For versatility it operates in four probe positions —extended, closed, or with the probe at 90 °,180 ° or 270 °

    • Parameters
        Ra: Average Roughness
        Ry: Maximum Roughness Depth
        Rmax: Maximum Roughness Depth (DIN)
        Rz: Mean Roughness Depth

    • Meets ISO, DIN Specifications

    • Convenient digital display located on the top

    • Easy to read LCD readout

    • Roughness in microinches or micrometers


    • Measuring parameters and ranges:
      Ra: 0.05um to 5.0um (2u" to 200u")
      Rz/Ry: 0.2um to 25.0u
      m (8u"to 999u")

    • Display Resolution: 0.01um (1u")

    • Cut-offs (c): 0.8mm/0.03", 0.25mm and 2.50mm

    • Traverse Lengths and Evaluation Lengths when 0.8mm cutoff is used:

    Traverse Length

    Evaluation Length

    Number of cut-offs/ switch position













    • System error: ±10%

    • Random error: <2%

    • Probe Type: Piezoelectric

    • Display: 3-digital LCD

    • Power: 9-volt consumer-type alkaline battery


    • MI Profilo main unit
    • General purpose probe (installed)
    • Reference specimen (calibration standard, in Ra) built-on a riser plate
    • 9-volt Alkaline Battery (installed)
    • Small screwdriver (to adjust read-out during calibrating)
    • Operation Manual in English
    • Carrying Case
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