Portable Hardness Tester MHLM100


Rental Rate:$330/week

Portable Hardness Tester MHLM100

  • HLM-100 Plus - Fully Equipped Digital Leeb's Hardness Tester

    HLM-100 plus hand-held digital hardness tester features high measuring accuracy, reliability and durability, wide measurable hardness ranges, ease of operation, and portability (light weight and small dimensions). HLM-100 plus comes with a powerful built-in microprocessor, a convenient mini-printer, and a RS-232C communication port (all are standard features). This hardness tester has been widely used in a long array of industrial sectors.


    • Convenient hardness measurements at difficult-to-access locations or in confined spaces such as the inner wall surface of a die or mould;

    • Determination of hardness variations over a large surface area;

    • Hardness testing on heavy and large work pieces or on permanently installed parts or machines whose hardness cannot be measured by using a traditional hardness tester;

    • In-line hardness measurements essentially in real time during the manufacturing process.