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Portable Hardness Tester MHLM100


Rental Rate:$330/week

Portable Hardness Tester MHLM100

  • HLM-100 Plus - Fully Equipped Digital Leeb's Hardness Tester

    HLM-100 plus hand-held digital hardness tester features high measuring accuracy, reliability and durability, wide measurable hardness ranges, ease of operation, and portability (light weight and small dimensions). HLM-100 plus comes with a powerful built-in microprocessor, a convenient mini-printer, and a RS-232C communication port (all are standard features). This hardness tester has been widely used in a long array of industrial sectors.


    • Convenient hardness measurements at difficult-to-access locations or in confined spaces such as the inner wall surface of a die or mould;

    • Determination of hardness variations over a large surface area;

    • Hardness testing on heavy and large work pieces or on permanently installed parts or machines whose hardness cannot be measured by using a traditional hardness tester;

    • In-line hardness measurements essentially in real time during the manufacturing process.


    Highlighted Features

    • Automatic conversion between different hardness scales:
      Correlations between HL values and other standard hardness Values (Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell and Shore) have been established for 9 most commonly used materials. Conversions between different scales can be readily accomplished.

    • Measurements can be made from several different directions:
      This feature makes it convenient to conduct hardness measurements on a large part or within a confined space.

    • The measuring accuracy may be compromised if erroneous data with an abnormally large deviation are accepted.
      The instrument provides a manual error-correcting deleting function during batch test situations.

    • High batch testing efficiency:
      For a batch test that involves testing a large number of similar parts, the expected range of hardness values can be pre-set based on different requirements for improved testing efficiency. Upper or lower hardness limits can be pre-set for material sorting.

    • Data printing functions:
      Data acquired may be printed out immediately or stored and printed at a later time.

    • RS-232C Communication port:
      Transfer data to a PC for further data reduction and processing.

    • Automatic power-off:
      When the tester remains idle for 4 minutes (no measurement made and no key-pad pressing operation) or when battery power is below a critical level, tester power will be automatically switched off.

    • Auto Re-set:
      During power-up and power-down, the tester is capable of automatic re-setting.

    • LCD backlit by advance Electro-Luminescence (EL) technology:
      Liquid crystal display with back-illuminating capability.

    • Intelligent battery recharge management.

    • Pre-Loaded Material Codes:
      Steel, Cast steel, Alloy Tool Steel, Grey Cast Iron, Nodular Cast Iron, Aluminium Alloys, Brass, Bronze, Copper alloys

    • Strength testing Conversion for steel and cast steel.


    Technical Specifications

    • Measuring Accuracy: relative error ±0.8% (750-800LD)

    • Measuring ranges
      LD 200 -900
      HB 30 -655
      HRC 20- 68
      HRB 20- 101.
      HV 80 -940
      HSD 32.5- 99.5

    • Equivalent tensile strength ob 500-1923N/mm2 (for reference only)

    • Working temperature: 0°C ~ 45°C

    • Relative humidity < 90% RH

    • Power: 4 Ni-MH batteries (1.2 Volts x 4).

    • Battery re-charge time: approximately 3 hours

    • Automatic power-off: when idle for 4 minutes

    • RS-232C communication port: transfers data to a PC for further processing (e.g., for SPC), display and printing.

    • Mini-printer: may print out data immediately after measurement or at a later time.

    • Print paper:30mm x 44mm

    • Dimensions: 224mm x 84mm x 38mm

    • Tester weight: 0.7kg (excluding the impact probe)


    Standard Delivery

    • Main Tester Unit with Built-In Mini-Printer

    • Impact Device (Type D)

    • Standard Test Block (D Type)

    • Small Supporting Ring (D6a)

    • RS-232C Communication Cable and Software Disk (Floppy)

    • 8 Rolls Printer Paper

    • AC Adapter (110 - 220V)

    • Operation Manual

    • Cleaning Brush

    • Carrying Case

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