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Reflectance Meter RM-206


Rental Rate:$99/week

Reflectance Meter RM-206

SKU: RM-206
  • It can not only measure the transparency extent of  coating, grease, film, plastic products, organic products;  but also the reflectivity of solid surface (such as stereo  movie screen).



    • It is widely used in coatings, pigments, inks, plastics, printing and dyeing, leather, film screenings and other industries, for product quality or standardized inspection and management.
    •  It meets the international standards of ISO3906-1980 (E), ISO3905, ISO2814, and the national standards of GB/T13452.3-92, GB9270-88, GB5211.17-88. 
    •  Use RS-232 data output to connect with PC.
    •  Provide Bluetooth data output choice.
    •  This instrument is composed of main unit, standard board (a black one and a white one), testing board (a black one and a white one).
    •  When the reflected light of the sample acts on the surface of the photocell, an electric signal is input into the DC amplifier and amplified for reading on the display.
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