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Surface Roughness Profilometer


Rental Rate:$550/week

Surface Roughness Profilometer

SKU: TR220
  • Surface Roughness Profilometer

    Order No.TR220

    • Applicable in production site, library and factory

    • Surface roughness testing of lots of mechanical parts

    • Conform to ISO standard, compatible with DIN, ANSI and JIS standard

    • Multi-data testing and LCD display

    • Pickup position Indicator

    • Storage and check of testing data

    • Time display, clock settable

    • Function of self-check available

    • Pk graph display

    • DSP (Digital Signal Processor) used for data processing



    Measurement parameter Ra,Rz,Rq,Rt,Rp,Rv,Rz(JIS),R3z,Rmax,
    Measuring range Ra:0.025 um ~ 12.5 um
    Display range Ra,Rq:0.025 um ~ 12.5 um
    Rz,Ry,Rt,Rp,Rz(JIS),R3z, Rmax:0.02
    um ~ 160 um
    Pickup Measuring range  

    ±80 um

    Resolution 0.01 um
    Filter RC,PC-RC,GAUSS,D-P
    Cutoff length 0.25mm,0.8mm,2.5mm,Auto
    Evaluation length 1L~5L(selectable)
    Measuring length 3L~7L(selectable)
    Max. driving length 17.5mm/0.71 inch
    Min. driving length 1.3mm/0.05 inch
    Accuracy  10%
    Repeatability < 6%
    Angle of stylus tip 90 Degree
    Radius of stylus point 5 um
    Data communication interface RS232
    Power supply High-quality LI-ion battery 6V/800mA
    Working Temperature 0C ~ 40 C
    Relative humidity <90%
    Dimensions 140mm X 56mm X 48mm
    Weight 440g


    Standard Delivery:

    • Main unit
    • Standard pickup TS100
    • Specimen Ra
    • Charger
    • Protection nose
    • Steel supporter
    • Screwdriver
    • Instruction manual
    • TIME certificate
    • Warranty card
    • Carrying case


    Optional accessories

    • TS110 Curve Pickup
    • TS120 Small bore Pickup
    • TS130 TS131 Groove Pickup
    • Measuring platform TA610, TA620
    • Inching platform TA630 TA631
    • Extension rod
    • Side connecting rod
    • Magnetic stand
    • Printer TA220S
    • PC software (TIME Surf for TR220)
    • Communication cable
    • Steel adapter for universal stand
    • Steel adapter for platform
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