Video Bore Scope 98B


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Video Bore Scope 98B

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  • Snake Scope/ Inspection Scope



    • Flexible video borescope with built in adjustable dual LED light source to illuminative object
    • 9 mm camera head
    • High resolution image & optical system
    • Two bright LED lamps to illuminate viewed object
    • Glare-free close-up & wide range field of view
    • Flexible gooseneck retains configured shape
    • Shaft can be exposed to water, IP 67 water proof
    • TV Video output for capturing images
    • Powered by 4 x AA batteries



    6.1cm TFT resolution

    320 x 234 Pixels

    Lens sensor resolution

    320 x 240 Pixels



    Color Mosaic

    RGB Bayer pattern

    White comparison


    Exposure to light


    Video format

    NTSC composite video

    Camera illumination

    2 LEDs, white

    Handler end AVI port

    NTSC signal out


    4 x AA battery

    Power Consumption

    200 mA

    Operation temperature

    0 to 45 ºC

    TV Cable length

    1.5 m (60 in)

    Total length of device

    114.9 cm (45 in)

    Metal tube length

    88.0 cm (35 in)

    Minimum bending radius

    4.5 cm (1.8 in)

    Diameter of camera head