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Wet Film Comb Gauge


Rental Rate:$15.9/week  

Wet Film Comb Gauge

  • Hexagonal Stainless Steel Wet Film Comb Gauge

    Part No. WF-2B


    These hexagonal precision formed stainless steel wet film combs are long lasting and reusable.
    These six sided combs give 36 measurement steps, measure from 25 to 2000um, and provide increased accuracy.


    Using a wet film comb

    Place a comb perpendicular to and touching the substrate. Hold the comb in position and wait a few seconds until the teeth are wet. Remove the comb from the film.  The wet film thickness lies between the biggest value ‘coated’ or ‘wet’ tooth and the smallest value ‘uncoated’ or ‘dry’ tooth.

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