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Whirling Hygrometer


Rental Rate$39/week

Whirling Hygrometer

  • Whirling Hygrometer

    The Whirling Hygrometer, (or Sling Pyscrometer), is an established and well-known method for determining the relative humidity and if there is any moisture on steel prior to painting.

    The Whirling Hygrometer is one of the most economic methods of monitoring relative humidity and dew point utilising wet and dry bulb thermometers.



    • Temperature range of -5°C to 50°C.
    • Offers maximum level of accuracy
    • Measuring chart supplied
    • Complies with International Standards: BS 2842 and ASTM E 337-B
    • Dimensions: 22x 4.5x 1.1 cm (8.8 x1.8x 0.4 in)


    How to use it

    Rotate the Whirling Hygrometer rapidly in order to achieve the required air movement around the thermometer bulbs. One thermometer bulb is exposed to the ambient air temperature, providing the dry bulb reading. The other thermometer bulb, which is kept wet with the aid of a fabric sleeve and built in water reservoir, provides the wet bulb temperature. The relative humidity and dew point can now be calculated using the charts provided.


    Standard Delivery 

    • 1 Main unit
    • 1 Measuring chart
    • 1 Carry pouch
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